Trophy from patient 1

Very much appreciated your devotion, sincere and professional care, replacing my hip”.
Thanks you
Jackie Small

First Class Care

I can not praise Mr Kempanna and his team for all they have done for me. First class care, for my operation and after care. I thank him so very much. I can walk again, after old hip removed, and replaced, also bone graft on my pelvis. And all of his after care in outpatient clinic. Thank you so very much, and stay safe. 🙏

Jacqueline Faulkner
Ramsbottom Bury
March 17, 2023

I had my hip replacement

I had my hip replacement on 27th Jan done by Mr Kempanna. It’s 6 weeks. I am back on my feet. What a big difference he made.
Very helpful. Fantastic service.
Strongly recommend him for hip replacement Very happy with out come.
Gus Ryan

Gus Ryan
March 9, 2023

I had a total hip


I had a total hip replacement at Fairfield General Hospital in May 2018 which failed less than two years later.
The pain that I was in at that time was excruciating.
At one stage I was on a mixture of Liquid Morphine & Tramadol to try to ease the pain.
After being referred to North Manchester Hospital I was then referred to Salford Royal under the care of Mr Kempanna.
After months of tests to rule out infection I had a revised complex total hip replacement in March 2022.
The operation was done by Mr Kempanna & Mr Gill & their team which took over eight hours because basically they had to reconstruct my hip.
I was in hospital for eight days so that they could monitor me carefully for any infection.
It has now been eleven months since my operation & I am doing great, I am finally off my crutches which I have been on for the past twenty months.
I still have a bit of rehabilitation to go but the outlook for me is good & I WILL get there.
I now look forward to getting back to work & a normal life.
The truth is Mr Kempanna, Mr Gill & their team & all of the staff at Salford Royal Hospital have given me my life back & I will be forever grateful.
I always felt confident that Mr Kempanna was taking a personal & genuine concern in my welfare & recovery & was doing everything he could to make that outcome as positive as possible.
I would like to thank Salford Royal Hospital for the amazing professional care I received throughout my personal trauma.
The staff in the Fracture Clinic were always helpful & efficient, my many appointments there were never delayed.
In my eight day stay at the hospital the food was great & the ward was spotless.
I cannot praise Salford Royal Hospital enough & I will be forever grateful for the amazing professional care that I received.

They have restored my faith in The National Health Service.


Martin Norris
February 23, 2023

Knee feels much better

Mr Kempanna is a great doctor. He listened to my knee problem and got this fully resolved. No problem in recommending him.

Mrs. Robinson
June 27, 2022

Great Hip Surgeon

I was troubled with my arthritic hip. I saw Mr Kempanna and he examined me carefully. He adviced for hip replacement. I had hip replacement surgery 6 weeks after seeing him and I am pleased to say what a great job he has done. I can walk normally again! No pain and no limping. Highly recommend.

Valerie Smith
Gr Manchester
May 9, 2022

A Big Thank you!

To Mr V. Kempanna, Thank you for all you have done for me. Look after yourself.

Christine Schmidt
March 24, 2022

Great Surgeon and a patient listener!

Would just like to thank you for taking the time to listen and make your patients feel valued, and delivering the treatment plan you advised at our first meeting. Because of your care and concern and expediting advice to GP about colorectal pain, I am now back to the care of the Consultant at tameside and undergoing investigations. All thanks to your intervention and support.

“It is very much appreciated”

Yvone A
February 9, 2022


Thank you for doing such an excellent operation on replacing my hip. A small token of my appreciation. Thank you so very much.

Jackie Small
January 16, 2022

Thank you,

Thank you for everything so neat!

Already such a difference, I cannot thank you enough

October 23, 2021

You gave my life back

Just a few lines to say how very grateful I am for my successful hip replacement (18.6.21). Ins spite of a few last-minute nerves as soon as I entered the operating area, the team’s confidence soon erased any nerves. I cannot thank you all enough for giving me my life back.

Jean McCabe
August 20, 2021

Thank you – specially for you

To Mr. Vijaya Kumar Hosahalli Kempanna and the surgical team and anesthetists for all your expert medical care in giving me my new hip and helping me to re-gain independence and pain-free walking in the near future.

“and it’s especially for you”

My family and I are just so very grateful for all you have done and helping me to feel reassured, supported, and informed all the way. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Best Regards

Mrs Harbhajan Hans & Family
September 15, 2019

A big thank you

This time last year you are preparing me for surgery on my right hip to be followed by a new hip in January. Well, here I am a year later to thank you for the care and attention you gave me so that I could greet the New Year 2019 with both feet on the ground. You have kindly arranged to see me in January. I do hope you are well and may I wish you a Very Happy and Healthy 2019.

Renewed thanks and best wishes, sincerely

L W Hall
November 20, 2018

What a difference you made

A big thank you for the wonderful surgical team who replaced my broken hip on Monday 26th February 2018. People with your skills and care make a difference. GOD bless you

Mavis Wells
September 4, 2018