What is a Hamstring tendon?

The term “hamstring” also refers to the group of three muscles that run along the back of your thigh, from your hip to just below your knee.

The hamstring is one of the most common muscle injuries in sport. Complete rupture of the hamstring tendons in the adult is a rare injury. Hamstring injuries and disorders are mostly seen in athletes but it is now increasingly seen in the general population, as people increase their level of activity.

What can I feel like after the hamstring injury?
You may notice some difficulty to control your leg while walking downhill, inability to run, and cramping with activity. Clinically it is felt like a tearing sensation during their falls or while playing sports, followed by gross thigh swelling and bruising which can take a number of weeks to resolve. 
What can be done about the hamstring tendon injury?
 A minor muscle pull or strain (grade 1) may take a few days to heal, whereas it could take weeks or months to recover from a muscle tear which is a partial (grade 2) or a complete (grade 3). You need to see your treating surgeon (Mr. Kempanna) who will assess you clinically. You may need to have investigations like an MRI to confirm the diagnosis.
What does the treatment involve?
Nonoperative treatment is less successful for these more serious injuries, and despite limited high-level supporting evidence, surgical intervention is recommended for complete three-tendon avulsions, with or without retraction. So earlier the surgery is done better the outcome.